WCC and NRO Proposal.

This is our beautiful mountain today. It is quaint and charming, and somewhat old fashioned, and it is deeply valued by the people of Kilmacanogue. It is one of the nearest upland walking areas to Dublin, and its panoramic views and steep walking trails have been enjoyed by Irish people for centuries.






Wicklow County Council and the National Roads Office have proposed the construction of a massive new motorway across the upper slopes of the iconic Little Sugarloaf mountain. Their proposal is a tavesty, and a reckless assault on our beautiful Kilmacanogue Valley. It proposes the desecration of the upper mountain slopes with a motorway structure complete with large scale cuttings deep into the mountainside. It will devistate our valley forever, and destroy our wonderful views, panoramas, and walking areas. If it proceeds, we will end up with two massive roadways here in Kilmacanogue, rather than the one chaotic roadway we have today. We ask that the Council abandon this reckless proposal forthwith, and that they, instead, focus on developing the new by-pass motorway on the site of the existing N11 roadway.

Collage of Road.jpg
Collage of Road.jpg

..... and this is what the Council and the NRO have proposed. They want to build a 4 or 6 lane motorway high on the slopes of the Little Sugarloaf mountain. It will devestate the entirety of the Kilmacanogue Valley forever.



The immense scale of the roadway proposals.

This diagram shows the enormity of the WCC/NRO proposals. The two brown patches are the Sugarloaf Mountain and the Little Sugarloaf Mountain respectively. The scale of the intrusion onto the mountainside is clearly apparent. The damage to the Valley would be extraordinary.

Arup Key Map .jpg

The "cross hatching" indicates the extent of cutting into hillsides.

The cross-hatched lines to both sides of the roadway indicate the depth and the extent of the land-take and the cuttings required. Because of the steep fluctuating gradient on the mountainside, these cuttings will be very extensive, and will appear forever as deep scars on the mountainside. 

Kilcroney Roads 2 .jpg

Kilcroney and the "Yellow" Road.

Wicklow County Council's proposal includes a daft option to route the new motorway directly through the houses and homes of Kilcroney, immediately to our North. Again we ask that WCC/NRO follow the route of the existing N11, softening the curvature and gradient of the existing roadway to upgrade it to motorway standard.

Glen of the Downs 1.jpg



Overall NRO View .jpg

Glen of the Downs.

Here again we urge Wicklow County Council to follow the line of the existing N11 roadway. We believe that there is adequate existing space either side of the N11 to facilitate softening of the road curvature with minimal or no "nibbling" of the valley walls. In all areas, the optimum solution is found by following the existing roadway.