Motorway to "straddle" the line of the existing N11 carriageway.

We believe that the new Motorway should "straddle" the line of the existing N11 dual carriageway, being relocated approximately 6 metres Eastwards to facilitate the addition of a new service road on the Village side of the roadway. As the new Motorway proceeds South past the village, it can veer gently back into alignment with its original course and, in so doing, will not adversely affect the homes at Kilmurray Cottages.




No interchange at Kilmacanogue.

From the NRO's point of view, the fewer interchanges along the M11 Motorway, the better. The omission of an interchange at Kilmacanogue Village would greatly simplify the traffic problems for the people of Kilmacanogue too. We suggest that the Motorway should pass through Kilmacanogue without an interchange, and that we would access it via a paralell service road located immediately alongside and to the West (Village side) of it. This service road would then access the Motorway via the all-new Bray South interchange. 

The two petrol stations.

No analysis of the traffic problems at Kilmacanogue can be considered complete without addressing the many issues posed by the two petrol  stations. The station which is located on the Southbound carriageway has been the scene of many serious accidents over the years, and constitutes a grave risk to all road users. The second station, located on the Northbound on-ramp, constitutes a greatly reduced danger, but is the cause of traffic chaos at various times during the day as cars queue to enter its forecourt. Any meaningful resolution of the traffic issues here in Kilmacanogue must involve the relocation of these two petrol stations. With no off-ramp from the new motorway at Kilmacanogue, the Southbound station might be relocated to one of the nearby interchanges, while the Northbound station might be better integrated into the Village to serve local needs.

Motorway to be 4 metres lower than local service road.

We believe that the road surface level of the new motorway should be 4 metres lower than the level of the new service road which runs alongside, and to the west of, it. In this way, the impact of the motorway on Kilmacanogue Village will be greatly reduced. Even the largest trucks will pass through the Village unseen when this 4 metre cutting is combined with two metre high walls and associated planting. Indeed, the pervasive sound of rushing traffic, so familiar to all of us here in Kilmacanogue, will be greatly reduced also.

We believe that Kilmacanogue could be just as attractive and tranquil as Ashford if its proposed by-pass is carefully and sensitively integrated into its steep mountain-valley environs. We do appreciate that the N11/M11 poses many challenges as it passes through our town, and we exhort WCC and the NRO to take into account the following proposals. Chief among them is the need to locate the new roadway as low as possible in the valley pass, and to preserve our beautiful mountainside views, vistas, and walking routes for all to enjoy into the future.

E. 4 Metre Cut .jpg
Overall Proposal .jpg


Combination of 2 metre cut and raising service road by 2 metres.

Lowering the level of the new motorway by two metres, and raising the level of the new service road by two metres achieves the same result when combined with two metre high safety/screen walls. The 4 metre cut, however, presents greater screening to all areas of the village.



Screening lines are greatly improved when motorway is lowered.

Kilmacanogue is currently overwhelmed by the sight of vast numbers of fast moving viechles routing along the N11. Lowering the motorway solves this problem. The village can not see the passing traffic, and the passing traffic can not see the village. This solution benefits both village and motorway.


Reduced levels of sound when level of motorway is lowered.

With 4 metre banks and 2 metre screen walls both sides, the noise generated by fast moving traffic is directed upwards rather than outwards, therefore bringing substantial reductions in noise pollution to Kilmacanogue Village. The addition of planting on the Village side of the screen wall will bring further relief.

A village with a "heart".

When Kilmacanogue is separated from the N11, it will at last be possible to develop a small village centre. Indeed, it is not unreasonable to think that we might once again have a "Last Stop" store, a cafe, a barber, and other small-scale village businesses. Once we get rid of the chaos brought to us daily by fast-moving traffic, it will at last be possible to put a new "heart" back into the village.


2 Metre Cut .jpg
E. Sound Levels .jpg
E. Sightlines .jpg

Align new foot-bridge with walking route to Barchuilla Commons.

The lower slopes of the Little Sugarloaf Mountain are the unofficial local "park", and are walked on a daily basis by many of us here in Kilmacanogue, as well as by large numbers of visitors to the area. In considering the positioning of a replacement footbridge, care should be taken to align it directly with the existing walkway up onto Barchuilla Commons. In this way the existing connection between the two sides of the valley will be mantained and even improved.


Village Centre .jpg






Minor service road to East of new Motorway.

A minor service road will be required to run immediately alongside the Eastern side of the Motorway to serve the small number of houses and businesses which occupy the lower slopes of the Little Sugarloaf mountain. This road will join the existing "country road" at Barchuilla Lane, and will be linked to the village by way of a new overpass. The removal of the existing (now defunct) off-ramp will provide space for additional landscaping.

Wicklow County Council could transform Kilmacanogue into a calming attractive sustainable Village by combining these simple design proposals with good landscaping and carefully detailed screen walls. We ask that it work thoughtfully with both the National Roads Office and the Local Community to achieve this worthwhile goal.